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The Rondo Viol Academy exists to provide teaching material and coaching for viol players of all ages and abilities. We have a keen focus on technique, not just being able to play lots of notes, but being able to play them well!

Most modern instruments have books of graded repertoire for both soloists and ensembles, but for viol players it can often be difficult to know how to find repertoire at a suitable level. Our courses are at different levels and we choose the music for each very carefully to make sure that people are comfortable, slightly stretched, and not faced with insurmountable challenges.


About The RVA

The Rondo Viol Academy is linked to Rondo Publishing, and are producing books of repertoire at different levels, so players can find the level that suits them and work up

                                                                                    through the books a stage at a time.

                                                                                    We also have an online discussion

                                                                                    forum, where players post about

                                                                                    instruments for sale, sharing lifts to

                                                                                    courses, forming consorts, and

                                                                                    anything else viol related. You can

                                                                                    sign up to the forum here

playing to each other