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Christmas Consorts

Christmas Course December 5th - 7th

High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire


This is a pre-formed consorts course. The consorts can be of any standard and must consist of at least 4 people. You bring your own repertoire that you would like to work on. We can also make some suggestions and bring a few things for you to try. Please contact us if you have any questions. Sometimes a consort will be looking for an additional player, so let us know if you're looking for a group and we may be able to match you up.


The Christmas course is Tuesday - Thursday,

not our usual Friday - Sunday. We would encourage

consorts to select music with a festive theme, and

we have plenty of suggestions to make if you need

inspiration! How about the 5-part 'Christmas Gift',

pieces by Ian Payne with Christmas carols hidden in

Holborn-style dances. Click to image to see more.


We're expecting this course to be very popular

so do apply early.

Apply here        Visit the website of High Leigh

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