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Christmas Consorts

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Christmas Course December 8th - 10th 2020

please note this is Tuesday - Thursday, not our usual weekend days

Hothorpe Hall, Leicestershire


This course will have two strands - we will run a course for Elementary and Lower Intermediate players, and we will also coach pre-formed consorts working at any level. Last time we ran this course, a team of viol playing snowmen turned up...


Elementary and Lower Intermediate

We will choose music with a Christmas

theme. Feel free to sing along!


Pre-formed groups

These can be of any standard and must

consist of at least 4 people, but due to Covid restrictions no more than 5. You bring your own repertoire that you would like to work on, and we can also make some suggestions and bring a few things for you to try. Sometimes a consort will be looking for an additional player, so let us know if you're looking for a group and we may be able to match you up.


We encourage consorts to select music with a festive theme,

and we have plenty of suggestions to make if you need

inspiration! How about the 5-part 'Christmas Gift', pieces by

Ian Payne with Christmas carols hidden in Holborn-style

dances. Click to image to see more.


Preformed Consort application here

Elementary and Lower Intermediate application here

Visit the website of Hothorpe Hall